Hey there and welcome to our website dedicated to Destiny 2

We’re Jesse and Pete, and — surprise, surprise — we love Destiny! The affection we feel for Destiny is similar to what World of Warcraft fans must feel towards that game. We’ve had our ups and downs with Destiny, but hey old love doesn’t rust haha!

Destiny 2 game logoWe both have over 1000 hours in the original Destiny game and it’s now like our fav game of all time. When Destiny 2 came out under Activision, it felt different to both of us… But I (Jesse) still played it for about 300 hours, while Pete lost his interest for a while. 

Now that Destiny is finally free from Activision, it feels totally awesome — this is the game we originally fell for! To us, Destiny is a lot more than just one of the most tightly-tuned FPS ever created. It’s a place for socializing, unwinding, and having fun shooting aliens with your friends. 

Within destiny2pc.com, we’ve now gathered a team of professional Destiny players who are always eager to help you whenever you feel stuck or bored. If you love Destiny and Destiny 2 just like we do, you will enjoy this website and everything it has to offer.


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